Coca Cola looks to increase Reuse

posted 15.08.2013

 Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) has launched a new awareness campaign to get consumers to think more about how they can reduce their waste by reusing and recycling their products after use.

The campaign called ?Don?t Waste. Create? will last for 6 weeks and will actively encourage consumers to reuse their waste packaging at home and also pledge to recycle when reuse isn?t possible.

The campaigns main aims are to inform families about the importance of recycling as well as offering a series of reuse and upcycling tips such as bottle bird feeds and self-watering plant pots. When the upcycled product is no longer needed they are then encouraged to recycle.

CCE's Associate Director for Recycling Nick Brown said the initiative was geared to getting customers to re-think how they dispose of their packaging, "By asking them to re-use and then recycle plastic bottles, 'Don't Waste. Create' encourages families to think more sustainably while having fun, giving them a tangible way to help reduce their household waste," he said.

"Through utilising an accessible online mechanic, the campaign helps us to reach a wide audience, allowing us to communicate to customers across the UK how easy it is for them to play their part."

Recipro supports reuse across all sectors, our company ethos is geared towards the reuse and redistribution of surplus into community groups and we even practice what we preach in the office with our very own plastic bag reuse box to help reduce the amount of plastic bags usage!

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