Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction Part 10

posted 09.07.2009

Some more information from the Draft Strategy for Sustainable Construction. The purpose of the paper is to gain respondents views on the outlined proposals using qualitative data. Q: Is target 5.2 stretching, achievable and realistic? If not, then please propose an alternative. Which organisations should be responsible for this target? Target 5.2 proposed that 20% of all projects with a value in...

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Sustainability Versus the Credit Crunch Part 4

posted 22.06.2009

The final installment of the excellent Sustainability versus the Credit Crunch artcile written by the National Federation of Builders, follows here.  We at recipro found this article to be extremely interesting and hope that you have too.  Why not let us know what you think? The three pillars of sustainability are environmental, social and economic.  The only pillar not yet dealt with is econ...

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Help for Small Business Contractors Part 5 No Marketing

posted 04.06.2009

Finishing the recipro series on helping small business contractors,  today we're discussing marketing. One reason it’s so hard for some contractors to say no is that they have no plan for generating business except to take whatever comes along. In other words, they don’t market their services. For companies that started in the 00's, marketing may be a completely foreign concept. After all, ...

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Help for Small Business Contractors Part 4 We Can’t Say No!

posted 03.06.2009

The fourth post in our series on helping small business contractors, recipro makes a very quick but important point! We understand that it's almost impossible it today's economic climate to turn down a contract. But sound accounting and estimating practices won’t save you if you’re taking on jobs that you shouldn’t be doing. Early on, it may make sense to take every job that comes along. B...

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Help for Small Business Contractors Part 3 Poor Job-Cost Accounting

posted 29.05.2009

More from recipro helping the Small Business Contractor.  We've brought you a series on the pitfalls and benchmarks for starting your own business and how to make sure it's profitable.  This week we are going to talk about poor cost accounting Got the markup thing down cold? You may still be losing money because your estimates are out of date. The culprit is poor job-cost accounting — or may...

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