10% Rise in Self Employed Workers

posted 07.02.2013
The UK recession has seen a rise of 10% in the number of self employed workers across all industries, with self employment now accounting for 14% of the 29.4 million people in employment in the UK.

Since 2008 more than 367,000 people moved into self employment across all industries with construction amongst the 4 most common trades for self employed workers according to the stats.

The figures came as a new report highlighted the vital role of self-employed workers in the UK construction industry.

The study by Cranfield University Professor Andrew Burke warned “Without genuine freelancers, the construction industry would be smaller in size and hire fewer workers.”

The research involved analysis of 40 main and trade contractors including Kier and Taylor Wimpey.

It concluded: “The absence of a legitimate freelance sector of the workforce would have highly negative economic consequences; causing economic contraction, higher costs, and reduced employment as well as more highly concentrated and less competitive markets.”

Recipro sourced this article from BBC and Construction Enquirer.

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